Wedding with Soul touch

We make everything so special on your Dream Day

Spear Fox Corporation is your preferred destination for planning an authentic and luxury wedding of your choice. We thrive on managing the most luxurious weddings and we have built a great reputation for it. We intend to live up to that reputation, which is why we take the whole responsibility of planning wedding events. From the large lavish affairs to the small gatherings, we do it all.

When it comes to planning wedding events, we offer nothing but exceptional service. We strive to make sure the events you plan with us are outstanding. We are passionate about our services and we offer our services to the most exquisite clients from all over India. We believe more in setting trends rather than following them.

Create a magical wedding

Planning and management of luxury weddings is something we master. We can help you create the magical and memorable moments by exceeding all your expectations. Our personal approach in planning weddings ensures delivery of truly meaningful services. We know you would want your wedding to be of your choice, which is why we work hard to make sure all your needs are well taken care of.

We are proud to have an excellent network of great event suppliers who are capable of meeting the highest standards of service and delivery. Wherever we work, co compromise on the service quality is always ensured. We also know that simply planning a good wedding event isn’t everything, a wedding is all about people. That is why we always work to provide the guests a great experience.

What we offer?

Under the category of wedding planning, our spectrum of services includes:

  • Selection of venues

    We source a list of venues for wedding and recommend it to you, depending on your needs and budget. The venues range from traditional locations to some out of the ordinary places.

  • Management of Guest List

    We can manage and take care of the guests who arrive at the wedding events. From accommodation to travel, we take care of it all. We can also arrange a sightseeing tour or personal shopping trip around the wedding location.

  • Management of wedding schedule

    With our services, we try to make sure that your efforts are kept to a minimum. From RSVPs to wedding invitations, be with e-invites or pre-invites, everything is covered.

So, the bottom line is that when you choose us for your wedding, you know that everything is well taken care of.

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